Margolis Method Virtual Studio

Live online acting and devising classes, video lessons, and a vibrant theatrical community.

Margolis Method was founded on the belief that actors deserve a concrete way to build their artistry.

The Margolis Method Virtual Studio is home to a community of actors who want to train the body, voice, and mind as one, and seek a sustainable way to advance their artistry.

Let's take the mystery out of acting.

As actors, we may know we need to be "vulnerable" and "honest," but we also may find ourselves asking—what do those concepts really mean? And how do we practice them?

The truth is, actors deserve a skill set that is every bit as clear, tangible and practicable as that of a classical violinist or a ballet dancer.

Margolis Method was created to give you that skill set.

Building the Actor Instrument
with Kari Margolis

Margolis Method's comprehensive approach to theatre training offers a new way to practice—one that is not only repeatable and systematic, but invigorating, inspiring, empowering, and fun.

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—Demonstration from a virtual workshop—

The Actor's Theatrical Relationship to Empty Space

Kari demonstrates a few of the ways actors can make theatre out of nothing by carving pathways in space and changing the size of a character’s dramatic universe.

"Even though I'm just in my room..."

Hailey Rose Kasky speaks to her experience taking live online classes in the Margolis Method Virtual Studio.

 "It feels empowering, freeing and in control,
 all at the same time."
—Sarah B., Deviser & Independent Artist

"What I find so refreshing about the Margolis Method 
is its insistence on the fully embodied 
experience of an actor."
—Blake H., Actor & University Professor 

"I'm feeling so many tingly inspired 
cry face feels after doing this."
—Sarah H., Independent Artist

It's Easy to Get Started

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—Demonstration from a virtual workshop—

Imbuing Inanimate Objects 
with Life

Our relationship to objects is an often untapped gold mine of possibilities for devising and interpreting text-based work.

"It's a tingling sensation..."

Kietraille Sutton speaks to his experience participating in a Virtual Intensive and training in Margolis Method.

"The MM Network has been such a joy! It has 
allowed me to grow physically, vocally and just
 all around in my craft."
—Matthew L., Theatre Student

"It feels so great to say YES to fully engaging
 with my body, to feel my muscles expressing!"
—Belinda M., Theatre Educator

"Every time I've gotten stuck… Margolis Method
 has been there to unclog my core and get my
creative juices flowing again."
—Hannah G., Performing Artist

Endless Opportunities to Get Engaged, Invigorated, and Inspired

  • Take advantage of two live, on-your-feet classes per month with Kari Margolis and company members*
  • Access a constantly-growing array of training videos, including full classes and workshop excerpts. Courses include Building the Actor Instrument, Singing the Story, Actor Preps, Breath and Voice, and many more.
  • A "Training Focus" every week to keep you motivated to expand your actor mind and work your actor muscles
  • Qualify for special discounts to workshops, intensives, and other training opportunities

*Live class recordings are always available if you can't make it

—Lesson from Performance Excerpts Module

A Scene From Cyclopedia:
The Jury Is Out

The Performance Excerpts Module allows us to see examples of the theatrical principles we are practicing put into action in scenes from fully produced MB Adaptors productions.

Synopsis of Scene: A medieval and a modern prosecutor find themselves in the same courtroom. Though not conscious of each other’s presence, their rhythms, dynamics, text and actions clearly influence each other. Attire and language may have changed over the centuries, but has much else?

Example of Subjects Focussed on in the Lesson:
  • How the use of demeanor and stage picture can inspire an audience to see and experience the connection between characters who poetically are not in the same space.
  • How changes in the character's physical and textual musicality creates dynamic dramatic phrases.
  • How the physics of action/reaction makes the story visceral for the audience.

—Take an on-your-feet mini-class

Monologue Study:
Direction of Emotional Energy
& Text Interpretation

This class starts with the breath and then applies the concepts to dramatic text. The lesson ends with a solo research project on a monologue of your choosing.

"Many things I didn't know I could feel..."

Conner Schroeder speaks to his experience training on the Margolis Method Network and in Live Virtual Classes.

"It feels like being thrown a life raft...Thank you for 
reminding me that I can still create :)"
—Caroline C., Theatre Student

"I can’t begin to explain how amazing it is that these 
tools are being offered, especially during this time."
—Rachel B., Singer & Performing Artist

"WOWZA I forgot how good it feels to get 
connected to the core."
—Kathleen M., Singer & Performing Artist 

Demonstration excerpt from a lesson

Shape vs. Form

Shape is the empty outline of a character, and is equal to a word simply written on a page. Words don’t become theatre until they are interpreted by an actor. Shape isn’t acting until it is filled with the emotional life of our characters. Form is the living embodiment of an enlivened actor.

About Kari Margolis and the Margolis Method Network

Master Teacher Kari Margolis is an internationally celebrated theatre artist who has taught thousands of students, professional actors, directors,  playwrights and educators over the past 40 years.

Margolis Method was born out of Kari's work to create "a theatre of humanity" with her acclaimed company MB Adaptors, and through collaborative research with hundreds of artists around the world.

In the past, the only way to train directly with Kari was to make the sojourn to the MM Center in Highland Lake NY or Barcelona, or be a student or member of a school or company where she is a Guest Artist.

These opportunities would often cost thousands of dollars.

Built on the spirit of community, the Margolis Method Network now makes it more accessible and affordable than ever before to intersect with this work and with Master Teacher Kari Margolis.

Are you an Educator? We also have a plan for you!